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pecos valley pharm logoIt is the mission of Pecos Valley Pharmaceuticals to ease accessibility to natural and alternative forms of medication and natureceuticals while using sustainable practices and renewable resources. PVP will accomplish this by manufacturing and distributing top of the line medical cannabis and cannabis infused products. PVP will also offer other natural remedies and solutions for the health and wellness of its customers. Products produced and manufactured by PVP will be grown in a greenhouse to utilize the sunlight and minimize energy use while maintaining the integrity and security of the plant.
Medical Marijuana Patient
We are the dispensary for all your needs on medical cannabis in New Mexico. Through our state of the art facility, we distribute the finest of cannabis products. We can also help provide the forms you need to become a licensed patient of medical cannabis in New Mexico. We offer recipes for alternative methods of ingestion (butters, tinctures, oils, cookies, brownies) and the latest news feeds on legal and policy changes for medical cannabis. We are committed to educating cannabis users and the community on the use of natural medications and overall health and wellness.
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We are a licensed provider of medical cannabis in the State of New Mexico. Our carefully selected plants are chosen to provide a great selection among the various strains, blends and forms of cannabis to ensure that we have a variety suitable for your medical needs.

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